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  1. I contacted VB directly and they replied that I had to pay a $45 fee, so i guess its wrong? Either way its still up for sale! H
  2. Still up for sale! people are sending messages then not replying with offers I am accepting! please. serious buyers only! H
  3. This is still for sale! Contact for info or offers. There is a $45 transfer fee to be paid on top of this. Regards H
  4. Hi, As I said I will not be accepting less than $100. Regards H
  5. Hi Kingofseo, Sorry I am looking for Cash offers. Regards
  6. Hi Everyone, First post here as I was searching for a place to sell my vBulletin license as I have no use for it now, I bought it under a year ago and have provided a screen shot from the site its self. This is my first time selling here or selling this kind of license, I am looking for the best offer for this license to transfer to someone who wants to use it. Reason for selling: Not in use or wanted. Reason for buying: Bought it to try and start a gaming platform but did not have the funds in the end. Asking Price: Taking the best offer in a PM or in a post here (Keep the offers clean, i wont accept under $100). If you have any questions feel free to ask here or PM me. Kind Regards H
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