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  1. I believe the PM issue is solved, since he managed to contact me via PM. The license is still for sale, however.
  2. This is definitely weird. I thought the limitation was that you have to have at least one post, which we both have. Anyway, all I was going to ask is that you add me on Skype to speed up the process. I'll just post my Skype username here. You need to remove the dots from it though: capt.ain-k.1
  3. Hi, that's great. I've PM'd you regarding this. EDIT: It appears I'm not able to start one with you. If you could PM me, that would be great!
  4. How much would you buy it for? I've listed the classified as $280.
  5. trewq34 posted a new classified: [plain]WHMCS for Xenforo[/plain] Read more about the classified...
  6. trewq34 posted a new classified: [plain]WHMCS + Live Chat[/plain] Read more about the classified...
  7. Then this isn't the place for you. He wants to trade his vB license for someone's IPB, not his IPB for someone's vB.
  8. Unfortunately it is against IPS' TOS to hand over an account. Instead you must transfer the license - renewal and then transfer ($20). Since your license was purchased in 2012, you should have no problem and can legally transfer the license.
  9. As has been discussed in my thread in the IPB section. But anyway, this trade has been complete. I'd appreciate if the thread could be marked completed. Thanks
  10. This has been sold. Could this topic please be moved to the completed section? Thanks
  11. @BCherup hopefully it goes well. Good luck and enjoy your license

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