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  1. 1- Why would I use a double account ? 2- I fyou don't want to buy from me, no need, people are by thousands here 3- If I dealt with fredlax is because he uses neteller and he kinda resell licences, anyway, what a conspiracy logic, you should CIA. 4- The money on neteller had disappeared in less than 24hours, I contacted neteller and this was done by a chargeback, I didn't cancelled the transfer and once again, I given you all details you need if I was a scammer I would have given bullshit while scamming you. 5- If you want your "legal" procedure, go ahead and let's start it right now.
  2. Available 3 licences, two of 4.x without an expiry date, and 1 with v5
  3. I sent you the VB licence and the zip file so tha tyou don't have to worry, so no need to reply here like I was espcaping or something, the ticket didn't got any reply yet, if you have faced any problem with my licence, then we should start to worry, but while I given all needed details while waiting, why are worrying ? And, for PM's and mail, you sent me 1 PM and as you can guess, this forum isn't that big as to let it open the whole day waiting for something, 2, I received no mails sorry.
  4. Yes of course. I'll send you the email to which transfer funds on neteller in Inbox. and Send me Inbox your mail for vBulletin support ticket.
  5. Sure I'll be waiting. Neteller subscription is free and in 2 seconds.
  6. My country doesn't allow me to use Paypal unless it is for paying, I can't receive or sell :/ For the screenshot, one moment and it will be in your Inbox I can't share here
  7. No fees as it dates from 2011 and this is my first sell, and yes it is transferrable or if you want the whole account I can leave it to you.
  8. I have a BuyItNow licence for 60$, I have only neteller account. I can send you any info about the VB licence you need.
  9. I'm in an urgent need of some box for an internet business. Gathering from here and there .. Anyway, I have a Vbulletin 4 licence with unlimited licence (no expiry) bought since 2011. All updates are free expect those for v5. I can send you any type of screeshot of proofs you need. Will sell for first offer and minimal price is 50$. I can only accept money through Neteller.
  10. I have for 50$ in neteller instead no paypal

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