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  1. I am looking for a vbulletin 4 licence for my new site at a decent price...
  2. hello i am interested in your vbulletin, just a few questions? what kind payment do you accept? are you the original licence holder?
  3. SCAMMED!!!! Word of warning to anyone selling, don't trust anyone unless you receive all the money up front. First of all i complied with everything the guy asked, the transfer of the licence and the first payment where both completed on the one day, upon completion of the transfer the buyer was supposed to then send the second payment of £50. Even though i was assured it was sent and waited 5 days i noticed that the money was not in my account, especially after the last bank transfer took 2-3 days. After trying to get in touch with the buyer i got a story about the fact that he did not ha
  4. Still no 2nd payment, buyer said it was an issue with his bank, i'm not feeling that confident on ever seeing the money but we will see how it goes.
  5. Still waiting on the second payment, bank transfers normally take from 3-5 days so il give it another 2 days. Still in contact with the buyer via skype, i just hope i actually receive the payment.
  6. UPDATE: We agree'd on a final price, £100 and the licence has now been transferred, i got £50 upfront and will get the other £50 upon the other guy getting the licence. We did hit a wall at one stage where i had to try and find out the exact date of purchase in order to make the licence transfer go ahead. Once i get the next £50 transferred the sale will be complete. Great site by the way, i don't think i would have got my vbulletin sold otherwise. I'l recommend it to others who are looking for vbulletin licences.
  7. Tried to add you on skype but no available user, try adding me on skype: discodoran12
  8. UPDATE: The sale is now on, ive been in contact with the member and i contacted Vbulletin about the transfer of licence. Going to show Araash the licence via skype's show your computer screen to show that it is a valid licence. Once the money is transferred i will begin proceedings with the transfer of licence. Will keep you updated...
  9. I have contacted you with my details via private message, id be happy to sell you the licence.
  10. Vbulletin Publishing Suite 4.x - non-expiring licence Hello, just over a year ago i purchased the Vbulletin Publishing Suite, it served its purpose as the basis of by site and discussion forum, sadly the site did not take off as much as i wished and i called an end to the project with that being said i am now looking to sell my Vbulletin Publishing Suite as i will no longer be needing it and it will help me recoup some money invested into my site. The Vbulletin Publishing Suite is currently priced at £213 including VAT but il take anything around £130 or nearest offer. I am currently
  11. i have a vbulletin publishing suite licence 4.x if your interested, im from the uk and id be looking for about £120 or nearest offer, if you are interested and need proof of the licence please let me know.

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