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  1. To Admins: Oh, just saw I need to validate my license as well as need the license to be currently transferable to be able to select WTS prefix. Mine is expired, so not transferable right now.
  2. I will sell my Xenforo license (with Resource Manager) for reasonable offer. The support license is currently expired, I'll buy 1 year extension before requesting transfer (which will cost me $55). Not transferred before, so will be eligible to transfer once I purchase 1 year support. Hence you will have XF+RM license with full 1 year support license (as in new), worth $200 if you buy directly from xenforo. Please offer reasonable, not at all desperate to sell. Validation Token: f5268345612c545d2a4d65103a9f2247 Domain: talk2know.com (domain is not included in offer) Xenforo.co
  3. can be closed ... Cory Booth confirmed by PM ..
  4. thanks ... transfer done ... payment sent .. Thread can be closed once Cory Booth confirms .....
  5. Hello, I am planning to buy another xf license, has to be transferable [if expired, you should consider extension charge in your offer]. Payment option is moneybookers only (I don't have paypal in my country). Anybody has any extra license to sell, please reply/PM me. Thanks,
  6. okay thanks... unfortunately i don't have paypal ... good luck with your sale
  7. I am interested .. but before giving offer, do u accept moneybookers?
  8. I'll probably sell it to you if you need an extra license when my XF is free to be transferred.

  9. One problem is, as far as I know, the rule says no license can be transferred within 120 days .. which means your's is not transferable ... otherwise I would have been interested ...
  10. neither did he reply on this thread, nor my personal message. So it might be gone .....
  11. Hi, I'll buy it if it is transferable and you accept Moneybookers. Please check your private message
  12. Hi, I need a Xenforo license which can be transferred in my name, expiry date is not important [which means (1) you need to have a license minimum 4 months old, (2) not transferred before, and (3) not expired already]. Important thing is, I can pay only by MoneyBookers due to unavailability of PayPal in my country. Thanks
  13. Just wait 2 more days and you can have your own original first hand license with one year support at extra 10 dollar ($110 .. xenforo is going for special sale from Mar 4 to Mar 10)
  14. Hello guys, I bought a new license from XenForo. So, not needed anymore. Mods, please close the thread.

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