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  1. Because IPS ask you to renew the license before doing the transfer.
  2. I have 3 positive feedback, if I actually had scammed anyone my account would have been banned by now. I've had three outstanding sales here for cheap rates and only one has complained since the IPS transaction didn't go so smooth at the time but it's completed now.
  3. it's required to renew before transferring yes.
  4. $90 for the license to be renewed and transferred to you.
  5. I'm looking to sell my inactive license but it's $90 included with renewal and transfer fee's
  6. This was purchased a couple of years ago now.
  7. Yeah the license needs to be renewed before transfer.
  8. The non-transferred and non-renewed version of the account / license.
  9. Hello there Rob. I'm interested in your proposal, but to transfer the account it needs to be renewed first.
  10. You prob better off trying to trade your ipb license with a 4.2 vBulletin there more of the same price. but to want to trade for a vB 5 you won't get anyone wanting to trade that and have to pay for the license transfer fee.
  11. Well vB 5 costs more than IP.Board so I'm not sure your going to find someone who is willing to give you the account and pay the transfer fee for the ipb license.
  12. I've sent you a personal message back. I'm looking forward to hearing back from you. In the meantime I'm still looking for some buyer for my license.

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