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  1. Is license transferable to another user? Also does anyone know what the pricing is to upgrade and get IP.Content with this?
  2. Now that I have an XF license I will start development on it and hope to make the style play nice with XF also.. Thank you all for the feedback.
  3. Ok, the transfer has been completed! We split the payment in two. First payment when transfer started, second payment when transfer completed. @invite made the whole process a breeze, he was helpful and kept me updated throughout the ticket request he put via XenForo. I got a great value! I have 11 months left in this license, it expires on June 5th of 2013! Thank you again for making the whole process smooth. Also thanks Extralicense.com for putting up a great site, if I look for a new license in the future I'll be sure to hit you guys up and also refer anyone else that is looking for
  4. Thanks for the update...hopefully someone is really willing to sell a license around here....too many flakers.
  5. Hi there, I am not looking to buy the hosting, how much do you want for the License? Please PM me asap.
  6. That was not supposed to mean anything, it was just a simple observation I've made since the licensed appeared to be the same and it showed as completed. That's all, nothing personal. I was going to buy it and I did not receive a reply back from you...
  7. I'm interested, but It's a bit expensive for a expired license, might as well buy new license and then still be able to resell the license in case in the future I grow tired of XF. What I am trying to say is I might be interested, but you would have to come down in pricey, if you are willing to then please drop by a PM.
  8. Hmmm: http://extralicense.com/threads/xenforo-license-for-sale.467/#post-1491 They look the same licenses no? or am I missing something here? Did you have more than 1 license?
  9. I guess not many people selling their licenses anymore? Bummer!
  10. @Dan, it's a gaming community, it's a counter strike source gaming community.
  11. I was looking for a place where to buy a XenForo license. I ran into you guys hehe.

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