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  1. If we use your Middle Man Service Syyemte to buy a License will the syystem accept payments thew Pay Pal

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    2. Dan


      So not only are we out the initial funds, we just payed the buyer so we are out 2 fold. Hope this makes sense now. It never had anything to do with fees. It has everything to do with protection.

    3. SLUSaintsFan


      This could problem happen no matter who you use because its not hard for a buyer to contact their credit card company tell them they did nit atherize the payment & get a refund when they do that it can be hard for the seller to get their $ also this depends in what credit card comoany they use or what bank they use but trust me their are ways if the buyer really wants to do it

    4. Dan


      Which is the exact reason I haven't went "Live" with this service yet. I am not 100% convinced I want to get involved.