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  1. Correct, which is why it's being primarily sold as 3.X
  2. This was a very long time ago, I must have renewed the license at some point so they are the same licences which access to the early 4.x released.
  3. Offers near $90 any additional transfer charges taken care of by me.
  4. 4.0.5 Patch 7 is the latest. If you wanted anything higher you basically renew for the latest version of vB 5 which is in the region of about $200
  5. Yes, it is still usable. It just means you can't get the latest version. Somewhere around $100 probably (looking at what others' are worth)
  6. Have a look at this thread I just posted. http://extralicense.com/threads/vbulletin-license-for-3-x-and-4-x.2464/#post-11308 Look at the screenshots.

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