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  1. I only see where you stated 250. My offer last month was 175 with the assumption that I'd offer 150 this month. I'll still offer you 175 this month. Looks like others being posted now are only getting offers of 90-100 or not selling at all. Just let me know. I'm in no hurry, but am willing to buy.
  2. I'll keep my offer at $175 again this month. I'll probably drop it to $150 next month as that is the only other competing offer I have seen. Best of luck selling for more if you are able. That is just what I'm willing to pay.
  3. Per my earlier offer, I'll offer $25 less each month. My offer this month is $175. The only other offer on the table was $150 and that offer was withdrawn due to IPB licensing changes. I'll probably have to withdraw my offer once the changes go into effect.
  4. This month, I'll offer 200 for everything. Next month I'll offer 175. I don't want you to feel like you are getting ripped off, that is just what I'm willing to pay for these. They are just collecting dust for you and are worth nothing if you never sell them.
  5. Your original request was for $50-60 and now you are interested in dropping the price. I can paypal you $45 now and you can just change the email on the account to me and I'll handle paying IPS to transfer the license. Just clear out and billing info and mailing address first for privacy reasons.
  6. Looks like it has been another month. I'll offer $200 for the account and all licenses. Looks like the next best offer is $150. I guess that is what the market will bear. My guess from all the IPB forum posts on these perpetual licenses being eliminated is that IPB will offer a short window to convert them to regular ones requiring the 6-month renewals and then phase them out completely. At that point perpetual licenses value will go to $0.
  7. I'll offer $225 for the account and all the licenses. I'll check the thread once a month and offer $25 less each month. No big deal if you are not interested. Just placing the offer there if you want it.
  8. New: Suite Core $100 IP.Board $75 IP.Blog $50 IP.Gallery $65 IP.Downloads $50 Suite Core $100 IP.Board $75 Total New with 6 months support and version upgrades: $515 http://www.invisionpower.com/buy Cost to reactivate used licenses and get in my account: (Note: Life licenses must be converted to regular to use spam protection) Cost to Reactivate: IP.Board-LIFE $25 IP.Blog $10 IP.Gallery $10 IP.Downloads $10 IP.Board-LIFE $25 Cost to transfer licenses to my account: IP.Board-LIFE $20 IP.Blog $20 IP.Gallery $20 IP.Downloads $20 IP.Board-LIFE $20 Total 180 $515-$180=$

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