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  1. I'm want also to resell these addons: Xenforo Multisite System - The original price 59,99€ (64$) with VAT is €73,79EUR (79 dollars) My license are expired the 1/2/2015, if you buy it you can download the last version on Xenforo. I'm reselling it for ONLY 30$...if you contact me in private i can give you an extra little discount. The addon author doesn't update the addon very much because is already fully feature so very probably you doesn't need to buy a renewal (35 euros) before Xenforo 2.0. Xenforo AdServer - The original price is €59,99EUR (64$) with VAT is €73,79EUR (79 dol
  2. Hi sbj, thanks for contacting me! I've responded to you!
  3. I have a original CTA Featured Threads & Portal, and i've received the written permission of Brogan to resell it here. The original price of this addon is 40 GBP that is 59,7798$. I can resell this license for 47 dollars (no expiration, it's like to buy a direct license from Brogan!). If you are interested, i can make to you another little discount if you contact me in private. That's all, contact me if you are interested!
  4. No sorry, i've sold all my licenses. Now i have to sell my addons, Xenforo Multisite, Adserver and other addons...soon i will open a topic about that!. Thanks to all, @Dan you can close this topic! :-)
  5. Lowered the price to 105$ for a FULL YEAR LICENSE...also if you can contact me on private, i have a extra deal for you! I have 3 positive rep here, i can guarantee you a GREAT transaction without issues.
  6. Hi Dark Knight, Europen Customer have also to pay VAT (35 dollars), so you have to pay 175 dollars for a new license. With me you pay only 110$ (i've decreased extra 10$ for the amount), so you will have 65 dollars of saving.
  7. Hi, thank you for the interested. There are currently 2 licenses. You have a PM now.
  8. Benfin, i repeat, i'm sorry. On the first i thought that was a tactic of d3 and you are only a fake created for decrese the price. Also you have initially offered and then retired the offer, so...Sorry for the confusion. Sold the license to @d3wlin! I thank him for its patience. Now i have 2 Xenforo Only licenses with a discounted price. If you want it, you can contact me in private. Thanks!
  9. Benfin i'm super very sorry, that's what happened: in the past week i was discussing with d3wlin for the price, he tell me that he was interested on the license but his maximum offer was $100 dollars. When i said that i've decreased the price he immediately contacted me in private and we discussed about the details of payment...in the facts, he contacted me in private prior to all interested buyers and he prenoted first. That's why i sold to d3wlin...
  10. Responded. Thanks. Thank you for your interest. I currently sold one of my licenses for 115$, that's the price.

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