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  1. i am ready to buy it for $90 used pm and send me or add me on skype whisperfelix
  2. add me on skype whisperfelix . I will buy it for $65 dollars.
  3. i will be one of the vb 4 for $80 will you sell it?
  4. l did not See the option to send pm. Please Send Me mail felixkomo@gmail.com
  5. Let me know if you will accept $80. Am ready to buy it for 80 dollars.
  6. iI am interested to buy your vbulletin license for $80 Please send me - License number - Name and email address on that account To enable me verify.
  7. i will buy your Vb license for $70 send me details if you are still rady to sell it.
  8. I just recently purchase new Xenforo license, and now i have decided to sell it to anyone who is interested. Purchased date: September 7 2013 Support/updates end: Sep 7, 2014 Selling price: $110 My License Validation Token 7a495ffd74ae2569bc3d808878fb29a0 Payment method: Western Union or Bank transfer. (I could have use paypal but it's not accepted in Ukraine) After payment i will send you my Xenforo login details and you will be able to change my domain and email to yours. My contact details: Skype: whisperfelix Email: felixkomo@gmail.com Mobile: +380938278660 Reason why i want to sell it: I have vbulletin license and Xenforo. I have decided to sell my new purchase xenforo licsence associated with this domain http://www.searchnaija.com
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