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  1. Hello mate, Could you tell me how much you are looking for this license?
  2. Hey mate, still selling this? I'm interested.
  3. Hello everyone, I want to sell my PHPFox community license with Branding removal. Version: will let you know once PHPFox site is back on License : Community Brand Removal : Yes Support : None Updated : None Free .com Domain with the license - PM to find out the domain there are other freebies as well like a song for the social network etc. Price: 160$ Regards
  4. Hello I want to buy a V3 phpfox license with branding removal, preferably with updates but if not I would like the latest version if possible. also it has to be able to be legally transferred so you need to speak to phpfox beforehand for the to authorise it.. I know its $19 to change accounts. do you have any screen shots proving you own it or any way to check the license and the email allowing you to change accounts. how much are you willing to sell it for?
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