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  1. Sorry I'm after £61 GBP no less. Thanks for the offer tho.
  2. Can't they just ask me for it anyway? but ok Dan No worries Just don't have the time for forums now-a-days wordpress has took over all the free time I have
  3. Info Purchased: Sep 19, 2013 Support/updates end: Sep 19, 2014 I bought this not so long ago as you can see. I thought I could get back into the forum game but I just don't have the time. I'mm after £61 (if you pay via paypal you pay the fees!) (in USD that's about $100-105) (Remember to regenerate a new token after you have bought this so scammers can't use the info I posted above.) Cheers
  4. Twitter as Facebook is a plague upon this world.
  5. Let the fun times begin!

  6. As above after a xenforo license. Post below your price Cheers
  7. Dedicated's Servers five of them. prices are per month £75,£65,£30,£11,£11 Two for website hosting, One for owncloud, and other two are seedboxes.
  8. Apache for now, Will move to Nginx one day when I can be arsed to do it all.
  9. Aye it also just been updated with a "year's free support etc..." Cheers
  10. Happy Birthday Mate!!

  11. Just one of a few mate, but yea kind of leaning away from it all. Still for sale
  12. open to offers mate send us a pm Cheers
  13. For sale pm / offers if your after one Cheers Mike