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  1. Still for sale. I will drop the price to $90.
  2. Going to give this another shot at finding a suitable buyer for my unused xenforo license. Please read the terms below before contacting me, thanks. Price & Payment: $100 - Non negotiable and I do not accept payment plans. I am only accepting money from verified paypal buyers in the USA. I will only do international transactions if you are a proven, trustworthy buyer here. You will be required to provide address for me to give xenforo in the support ticket for the transfer. License Expires: 10/22/14 Any questions feel free to PM me.
  3. Mods, you can close the thread? Decided that I'm not selling the license here any longer, too many trolls and people that can't read. Thanks.
  4. I'm not selling the license outside of the usa. Stop asking.
  5. the license is still up for sale, first person to come up with 100 dollars gets it.
  6. Putting my unused xenforo license up for sale. Expires 10/22/14. Bidding starts at $100. Only accepting payments via verified paypal accounts from the USA.

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