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  1. I have 2 domains for sale, i am open to offers on them i am also happy to sell both together. I will transfer them to another godaddy account. Huge market around call of duty forums and news. callofdutyintel.com 26/04/2016 bo3forum.com 11/04/2016 Drop me a message if you are interested
  2. Looking to buy either an XF. I only want the standard license no additions or extras please. Send me a PM if you have one you wish to sell, thanks
  3. I am selling my XenReviews License, the license does not expire. I spoke to the owner and i am able to transfer the license to another user. I do not have any need for this license anymore. you can see what the addon is about here : www.xenreviews.com RRP $90 i am looking for $70 (i am open to offers)
  4. Hey sorry i already have a license now, Could admins please lock this thread thank you
  5. Yes i did just wanted to check as i dont see any difference if i was from the UK to the USA as all conversions are done via paypal
  6. im from the UK are you only accepting from the USA?
  7. Also i am a well know member of a place called adminzone if any of you wish to make sure i myself will follow through with payment. I have sold GFX work over there as well as being a well known member. Thanks

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