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  1. Okay I just gave them a call and I've got it. Thanks so much Zanthor and best regards! Sale has been completed.
  2. Oh because this is what I got from the same guy: vBulletin Support Team 10:58 AM (3 hours ago) to me Until the person who is requesting the transfer actually finalizes their verification, we don't move forward with it.
  3. Hey Zanthor, you need to accept the vbulletin email they sent you. Also this hasn't been completed yet due to the fact I still haven't received the license.
  4. Yep that's fine. Just looking for a license to get plug ins lol
  5. Hello, I am looking to purchase a VB license from somone for a cheap price. I need a VB 4 or earlier just to access the 3.x.x add-ons. I am willing to spend up to $50. Please contact me @ Email: Tomlinsonryan9@gmail.com Skype: ryan.hoggard Or post a reply or PM me. Thanks, Xenexo

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