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  1. They want you to accept it, not me. vBulletin Support Team 11:20 AM (4 hours ago) to me Thanks. I have sent an email to the proposed owner asking him to read and approve the license agreement and transfer. Once this is approved I will transfer this license. All the best, Zachery Woods Support Team, vBulletin & Forum Runner
  2. I'm not sure how it's any of your business, perhaps he sent me a box of rabid badgers in trade for the license. The license is sold.
  3. I assume that you are OK with the e-mail only transfer and will handle the full transfer on your own if you feel that is necessary?
  4. I assume you want the first Scenario then, just the e-mail transfer?
  5. There's 2 ways to handle a transfer that I see... I contact support and ask them to update the e-mail address on the license. This is free and gives the buyer the ability to download/use the license and get support/etc. The buyer can later (if desired) contact support and do a license transfer to update the name to their own at which point a Fee is involved. or I contact support and ask them to transfer the name/email and pay the fee. If you want to buy my license in the first scenario I'm willing to come down in price by $45 as I don't have to pay the license transfer fee. If you w
  6. Question, who pays the license transfer fee, buyer or seller? This is my first (and probably last) time doing this.
  7. Need clarification on what you want as proof, the price is in my original listing @ $150. Are you asking for a screenshot of the members area for said license?
  8. Selling VB4 Suite License, I'm the original purchaser of this license. Asking $150, paypal for payment. You can contact me via e-mail zanthor@gmail.com.

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