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  1. chad

    come here http://extralicense.com/threads/vb5-connect-with-the-ability-to-download-vb4-p-suite-150.2327/#post-10523

    1. Dan


      whats the problem?

    2. chad


      well when i called you guys they said i can just call them to verify if a license can be transferred but this person I'm talking to does not believe this so can u verify if he can transfer

  2. chad

    dan can u come into conversation with Shyuan

    1. Dan


      I need to be invited

  3. Hey Dan i already looked into this so no need I spoke to bull and they confirmed so need to ask steve because he was forward the email saying he can't.
  4. regarding this license to all bull is saying this license he is trying to sell is no good, please call them as well to confirm
  5. bro dont do it I'm on the phone with them and they are saying it can't be transferred no more it was already done by him
  6. just talked to them and there is no transfer fee for what u have according to them

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