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  1. Hello, Selling: XenForo + Resource Manager Expiry Date: 15 Mar 2015 Transferable: Yes Price: $150 Payment Method: PayPal (PayPal verified buyer) Validation Token: a13d77d2e396d99310078338dda4e9bc Screenshot: Send me a PM if you're interested. Thank you very much for your interest.
  2. License has been sold, thanks for the fast communication and smooth transaction
  3. Can you please PM me the details of the website and your price?
  4. Hey can you please message me regarding the licence? I can't seem to message you?

    1. Prime Media

      Prime Media

      Hi, Please email me at: admin@primemedia.co.uk

  5. Hi Jordan, UK based company ready to buy, can send BACS. Please contact me.

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