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  1. I have 2 licenses in the same account, no addons, and you can just have the account once payment is received. Neither license has a domain attached to them. If I give you the account, we don't need to worry about transfer fees or anything and I don't have any phpfox sites active.
  2. There is plenty of buyer protection with PayPal, and once the account is in the buyers name, they are fine. It's very simple, you put the new owners email address in as the account owner and now it's theirs. I've done this plenty of times on more expensive transactions. If the buyer wants to do the transfer route, then buyer pays all transfer fees.
  3. $100 total for both. You will take over my account with both licenses for $100. I know you want this now.
  4. I have 2 licenses in one account. $150 TOTAL for both licenses and I'll give you the account.
  5. I don't need them, so may as well sell them cheap.
  6. I sure do. One guy offered $85, but I'm not going less than $100 per license. You're already getting more than 50% off.
  7. I got them. No need to PM you a screen shot. I'll post it here.
  8. someone will eventually, just have to find people who want to build that type of site.
  9. $400 for the pair. go sell them for $250 each and make yourself $100 profit! or use them. your choice!
  10. I have two unbranded PHP Fox community licenses, there's no domains attached, and you can even take over my account. $500 for the pair. Thanks.
  11. i have two unbranded community licenses. give ya both for $500
  12. taking offers! would like to get $200 per license, can probably do $350 for both of them if anyone is interested!
  13. You missed the part where I clearly stated that I had made a mistake based on the condition that I PhpFox had originally dropped their prices. I am almost 100% sure that when they were first taken over by Moxi, that they dropped their prices down to $99 for a basic license, but now I see their prices are actually raised. Previously you could get a community license for $299 - they raised it by $200. $150 for both, unbranded, when their prices were $99 per license was a good deal, but I had no idea they actually moved prices way UP for their licenses. So yeah man, total mistake on my part of

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