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  1. I was ready to sell at 200 last month, but you didn't reply. That remains my final offer. Even after the new licencing comes into play, there will be a credit for getting the standard support. This means the licence will be brand new till you use the credit. Alsothe package comes along with downloads, gallery and blog.
  2. I have a perpetual license which I can convert into a standard one and transfer it to you(you will receive full six months of support, just like new ). I also have Gallery + Downloads + Blogs (all three expired) too. Please let me know how would you willing to pay for the inclusions + Board + Core.
  3. Considering the fact that the one will have a 25 USD credit on each of the licenses once it is converted, 250 USD is my final offer. Let me know if anyone is interested.
  4. @Knocks your offer of $ 150 is far too less than the market price. I am basically looking for a webmaster who has atleast a couple of forums operating or has plans of. $ 400 is the price that I am asking for.
  5. Sorry, these licenses are non nontransferable. So the second option "Cost to transfer licenses to my account:" doesnt come into the picture. I would be giving out the access credentials. Reactivation of a perpetual license is 15 USD and not 25 USD and it is per year and not 6 months. Perpetual licenses are not sold anymore. Perpetual licenses come with lifetime free upgrades. Even if you purchase a new license, it will cost you 175 USD. New purchases of IP.Downloads, IP.Gallery and IP.Blogs will cost you 165 USD in total. Cost of renewal is 10 USD so 30 USD for all three. Spa

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