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  1. I will contact Vbulletin to transfer the license to you I will need the following details to send to them for the license to be registered to you - Full name - Full Address - Country - Telephone number - Billing address - Valid and working Email address If you send the payment now I can get this transfer request sent right now for you.
  2. Make the agreed payment of $70 to my paypal address that I have listed above, then send me your details and I will have the license transferred to you.
  3. This has my name and owner email. The customer number and licence number have been masked for security reasons. They will be revealed after purchase.
  4. I cant sell it for 60 dollars, that's too low. I'm willing to listen to offers but 60 is too low unfortunately.
  5. I am selling my VB 4.x license for $100. Lifetime and can be legally transferred. If you are interested pm me.
  6. VBulletin 4.x license with access to 3.x for sale. It is eligible for transfer as I have confirmed this with VBulletin support. I am asking for $100 for this. It is a lifetime license. If you are interested please post here so we can make a deal.

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