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  1. I have a xenforo license with a year left (Exp. Apr 2013) $110
  2. Closing and moving this then! Good luck!
  3. I'd recommend sending him a Private Message.
  4. vBulletin licenses are for single domains. You are not allowed to sell secondhand licenses. If you do so vBulletin may suspend your account & license. You are only allowed to transfer licenses that are older then 60 days.
  5. 3) You can't transfer a secondhand license / resell it.
  6. Hi, I am guessing that Moufazin will not get back here. Locking this thread. PM me to have it reopened (Seller only) Buyer, i recommend you adding him on MSN. Regards,
  7. I'm retarded sometimes..

    1. Dan


      Aren't we all.

  8. Great! Is $100 enough? Cause that is my bid atm.!
  9. Alright got some money now, still looking for $100?
  10. I am looking for a xenforo license. How much are you asking?
  11. @[1:Dan] Y U NO ADD ME ON SKYPE? :)

  12. Hello, Can you post some form of verification? Thanks,
  13. @[1:Dan] so true..

  14. Well, I am sorry, but I think the standard price is around $60 $90..
  15. Sorry Mike, but I think you will need to raise that price if you don't want to get scammed.
  16. Approx. 1000 posts & 400 threads or so. 200 members I believe
  17. I have a vB 4 MySQL database, are you interested? Old MySQL database from, a internet marketing & SEO forum. Site has 18 Backlinks and will increase.
  18. Hi, I am selling a couple of domains I have lying around. Selling a couple of domains. 1. - Used for a Minecraft community, no longer in use. Selling this for $20 - 10, would prefer $10. 2. - Premium domain, PR 0 currently, highly brand able, can provide free hosting for as long as you want, with 4 GB space, 10 GB bandwidth. Registered with, ready to push! Selling this for $25 without hosting and $70 with hosting, as it is hosting as long as you want. (Host is 3. - Premium domain, Currently PR 0, highly brand
  19. Google, my dearest and smartest friend