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  1. Thank you for looking into this. The license was sold and is now in @neuman 's hands.
  2. License can be legally transferred and includes XenForo: Expires: September 29 2015. Free install service available if needed. Offers around $90
  3. Hi all, I've validated my XenForo license, but I'm still not seeing WTS? Any ideas @Dan Best, Dillon
  4. Hi Rob http://extralicense.com/threads/amazing-offer-ip-board-ip-content-ip-downloads-ip-gallery-and-more.2613/ Not sure if you're interested. This method of transferring is in some ways allowed (IPS don't often actively stop it). If you're interested it includes what you want and I have 100% positive feedback. Also, free installation included.
  5. Amazing unbeatable offer. Only $150. 100% positive feedback from previous buyers. Free installation service included (worth $25) Worth over $275. 1. What are you selling, buying or wanting to trade License Includes: IP.Board 3.4.6 IP.Calendar 3.3.4 IP.Chat 1.4.4 IP.Content 2.3.6 IP.Downloads 2.5.4 IP.Gallery 5.0.5 2. When does it expire? 3. Is it able to be legally transferred? Not yet (whole account provided) - can be transferred later (with help from me if needed). 5. How much are you selling for, how much will you pay, etc. Just $150 IPS Themes 'Haze' them
  6. $25 per install. Add-ons also installed. Includes setup, basic optimization and configuration. XenForo, IP.Board, vBulletin, SMF and more supported. Feel free to PM. Completed in two hours or your money back.
  7. While I am willing to include what you want, I can't trade: $99 (more cost effective in the long run): http://admin-talk.com/threads/99-offer-invision-power-board-ip-content-ip-downloads-ip-gallery-theme.51124/#post-579556

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