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  1. The transfer was successful. Thanks JackPH, great and fast seller.
  2. ...maybe I have some spare bitcoins on my old 1.44 floppy disk
  3. So @@Jordan what is your first priority here? To sell the license ..or trade bitcoins. After my PMs, I'm confused. If you only accept bitcoins, it would be better to delete Paypal as your first payment method.
  4. Well, I just received in my mailbox full paypal refund from @@Bdrunkz What to say.. Moving on to the next.
  5. yep, full payment plus paypal fees, since Monday. I'll decide after weekend what to do next.
  6. Thanks Dan for your answer. Well I don't know, he didn't tell. Our communication has many difficulties because he's buzy lately as he told me. I've already contacted xenforo admins and it seems we're all waiting @@Bdrunkz to find his transaction id. Only it takes many days and I'm running out of good thoughts... Let's say that he can't find his id...what are my options? Regards.
  7. Seller pmed me that he sent my info to xenforo admins but they also need the transaction number or XenForo Cart ID from the purchase to identify/verify the license before doing the transfer to me. And here is the problem. Seller can't find this ID...till now. Can someone tell me(him) where this ID is located. I guess it should be in an email or his xenforo customer account. Regards.
  8. ...still waiting and not a response from you. Where are you Bdrunkz ??
  9. Hi Bdrunkz, any updates about the transfer? Haven't received any confirmation email from xenforo admins yet. Regards.
  10. It's the Paypal fee $4,2 Ok, just sent you $4,5 Pls confirm full payment and pm me what info you need to make the transfer to me. Regards.
  11. Thanks for your reply. Payment sent. Sending Paypal Transaction ID through pm. Regards.

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