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  1. Is this license still available? Ill send you a PM as well.
  2. I see, thanks for the reply on that!
  3. I saw the thread which had the lifetime IPB license for sale. Is a lifetime license without ever having to renew a past option that Invision Power had offered? I did not see that option on their website.
  4. I have left feedback here for the seller (victoriascafe), they said they would leave feedback as well but possibly not until tomorrow. Thanks!
  5. Yes the transfer went through good and it's now under my name.
  6. Consider a done deal. Ill pay renewal and transfer fee. Sent you chat request on skype.
  7. Helpful response Kirk. Thanks very much. Ill be closing on a IPB license soon so we will see how it goes:)
  8. Hi Megaman. I've left you a nice detailed walk through guide on how to use the Trade Rating System for you. If you have any problems on the site you can send me a PM and i'll be more than happy to help you out.

  9. I found Extra License on Google when I searched for IPB license for sale. Believe it was in the #1 spot there.
  10. Wondering how the trade rating system works here at Extra License. In the process of getting a license from someone here and wanted to get a Trade Rating point for the transaction. How is a trade set up here? Where is feedback left etc...? Thanks for any help!

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