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  1. Sure, we're using Extra License escrow service, so no risk for you. Drop me a PM so we can proceed.
  2. I don't understand what you mean. Are you saying you want to pay partially with BTC and partially with Paypal?
  3. I just checked back my support ticket, and yes, this license has no transfer fee. It must be noted that the $45 policy was a later change policy, I remember if I'm not mistaken around the same time they took down Steve Machol thread about transfer policy. My license was bought before this event happen and thus still used the older TOS.
  4. Depends on the license. This is not a vB5 license. This license was bought before they change their policy. I've checked with vB sales once about this but I will double check again should anyone interested.
  5. Bumping this thread. License still available. Litecoin accepted too. No transfer fee from vBulletin.
  6. Unfortunately, that's the lowest I can go since I'm paying the escrow fee.
  7. Selling my vB4 license in a new thread: https://extralicense.com/threads/selling-vb4-suite-bitcoin-accepted-via-extra-license-middle-man-service.3493/
  8. Things to consider when listing your vBulletin License 1. What are you selling, buying or wanting to trade 2. When does it expire? 3. Is it able to be legally transferred? 4. How much are you selling for, how much will you pay, etc. --- 1. vB4 Publishing Suite 1 license. 2. Never expire. 3. Legally transferable (no transfer fee from vBulletin). 4. Selling the license for $100. 4.a. vB4 Publishing Suite includes CMS, Blog, access to vB3 and vB2 version of choice and free support tickets. 4.b.For a limited amount of time and until notified otherwise later, I'm accepting pa
  9. Can you wait for 24 hours? By that time I should be able to clarify whether I have any license left.
  10. OK, I'll contact Extra License first. Please take note to add miners fee when sending Bitcoins later. Otherwise it will take forever to arrive. Also, I'll consider Bitcoins as received only after 6 confirmations.
  11. You don't get the license now. It takes time for a license to transfer from one person to another. Unless you're doing it illegally of which I have no interest in. Based upon my own experience, it can take up to one week for the whole process. No need Skype, we're using escrow. If you're serious, then I'll contact Extra License to arrange the procedure.
  12. Obviously no. Bitcoin is on the downward trend at BTC-e at the moment, just look it up (currently $278). I count the rate as $270 per BTC since I don't know when our deal will finalize. As we both know Bitcoins can swing wildly anytime.
  13. It took a week for my vB5 license to reach the buyer, even now it's in the final phase. If you want to use it urgently, then I'm afraid you're not going to get it fast since vBulletin are slow at transferring and they don't work on Saturday and Sunday. As for the price, 0.4BTC counting BTC-e rate fluctuation.
  14. My vB5 license is sold. But I just got a green light from Extra License about the Bitcoin stuff. We will use their service and I'll pay the escrow fee. But before that we need to agree on the Bitcoin amount first (for my vB4 Suite license). What is your rate?

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