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  1. Eric posted a new classified: [plain]Post Affiliate Network - includes Domain[/plain] one of a kind license valid until 2030-12-31 Read more about the classified...
  2. Eric posted a new classified: [plain]Post Affiliate Network - 13 years left on the license - includes Domain[/plain] post affiliate network Read more about the classified...
  3. no problem. Like I said, I'm open to offers, that's just what I would be happy with. although, if you have $50... I can tell you up front that it's too low
  4. Which domain, fqed or ext0? I was hoping at least $800 for either. I don't need the money so much now so I don't mind sitting on these... definitely not $500k.. and definitely not $50.
  5. I'm open to offers, I'm not looking to money gouge or scam anyone.. so you can post it here in a reply.
  6. Bump.. I still have this license, and it is still as awesome as ever. $2000 bin - or willing to entertain offers.
  7. FQED.com This is a great LLLL domain for sale. This domain has a lot of uses, but was initially intended to be an adult related site.. EXT0.com This is an awesome domain and has a lot of potential uses. It would be perfect for customer service, live chat or a support site. Ext. 0 (extension 0) is the default phone extension for help or live operator, at least in the US I need money.. so willing to sell. Shoot me a serious offer, no low balls please..
  8. developing.cheap $100 for the domain and the current site if you want it. It is going up for renewal next month and I will be renewing it if noone buys it.
  9. https://www.dropbox.com/business/pricing I want to get a Dropbox Business account, and it's $15 a month per user - but you need at least 5 users ($75 a month). I'm looking for 4 people who are interested (and can pay on time) who would like to go in with me for an account. I will handle the billing and you would pay me directly (unless there is an option where you can pay yourself directly). If more than 4 people want to join that is fine too. Let me know if you are interested. I was planning on doing a monthly payment option, but everyone wants to go in for yearly at a discount that wo
  10. Yes but I won't have funds for another week or two or so..
  11. I have had a Freshbooks account for a very long.. Awhile ago they upped their prices for new accounts. I am selling my account (the account, not my clients or data) Currently the monthly pricing is: $19.95 - 25 clients, no additional staff, no project managers, timesheets, expenses $29.95 - unlimited clients, 1 staff, project managers, timesheets, expenses $39.95 - unlimited clients, 5 staff, project managers, timesheets, expenses My monthly account pricing is: $14 - 50 clients, 1 staff, unlimited clients, contractors, project managers, timesheets, expenses The $14 account pricing

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