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  1. Up for this (ASAP if available) for another project that has come up. PM'ed U twice earlier but still awaiting your reply Andy SW? Please do PM me if you wish to talk price etc?
  2. I don't think I would like to offer you $120 @@Bdrunkz as someone with no patience for a few days wait (which might have been the 27th rather than your stated 26th for all you knew) as my tentative first offer implied would be required doesn't sit right with me, but I am sure somebody will bid a little higher and go $107 to add another dollar yet...
  3. If you can wait a few days for one of my clients to pay me one this months bills he owes I will bid $105. If you can wait a week Sunday (perhaps a week Monday) for a couple of other payments I need to be sure are in b4 overspending (you caught me on an awkward week this week) I will go $110 plus throw in six months free cPanel hosting (value $12 subject to TOS)
  4. Dian I think at least four of us have PM'ed Jordan so if he has not sold it by now and is still talking BitCoins it is prety safe to say there is a different agenda going on from Jordan's point of view. @@Jordan is this not so young Sir?
  5. I wish I had read this thread b4 replying via PM now as like all above am not interested in Bitcoins only real money via Paypal so assume I shall not be getting replies like Bala above yes? @@Jordan if you are interested in actually selling your Xen foro license for real money rather than messing around with Bitcoins which most don't have the time nor inclination to deal with, if they have actually heard of them (which 90% plus of people have not - LOL) please do reply to my messages.
  6. Have PM'ed you and left you my email to as I don't check here as often as could due to working etc Jordan & as you are in the UK if you have any probs fiinding me or my phone or email contact details just Google "B3st S3O to hire" changing both those 3's to E's and you will find me as the #1 on Google usually.
  7. Thanks Kirk I will bear that in mind. I am hoping chance #3 will bring some good news in my quest for a good Xen foro deal as due to getting caught up with work on a site I am working on for a client I still didn't get round to sorting a license out at all yet after having been a little disapointed twice already by time wasters. Just hope nobody beat me to chance #3 who popped up yesterday..
  8. Thanks for the welcomes Megaman and Felix and the likes (you know who you are LOL)! I am looking forward to finding a good Xen Foro License deal and saving myself a little money so hope something turns up soon...
  9. Thanks for the input hcmc sounds like it's a good job I have until about the 10th or 11th b4 I need to go and pay full price at Xen Foro then LOL - pity about the time wasters though! (Not that that is the forums fault in any way of course. BTW I know that hcmc name from somewhere - you a member of DP? Or where have I come across your name b4? It def rings a bell...
  10. OK had two time wasters so far and really could do with finding something this coming week or so. Anyone got any Xen Foro licence for sale at all here or I shall have to go and buy new if I can't get something sorted by about the 10th or 11th of Jan perhaps a couple of days longer than that but if not then new and full price it will be!....
  11. I don't want to thread hijack but did you not get the PM I sent when you asked b4? (Have PM'ed you again btw) @ OP (Zwirk) what is happening with your one which was expired but had other interesting paid addons please?
  12. I would like to purchase a XenForo License So > 1. What are you selling, or wanting to trade in this regard? 2. When does it expire? 3. Is it able to be legally transferred? 4. Any Screenshots? 5. How much are you selling for? I would like to buy a XF License with the most like this one here in this thread where seller doesn'rt seem to be replying and where I would pay a decent price if the xen foro was extended for another year to make it valid for resale. I am new here but you can see my 100% positive feedback on ebay since 2004 using the same username as my HostTed one here t
  13. So how does this stand? Is it going to be renewed prior to selling and if so what is the score with addons do they expire?
  14. Hey all on Extra License just saying hi as new here and couldn't see an intro thread/section/thing so thought I would say howdy using a title with License spelt that way and "Licence" the other way for the craic & as that's the sort of thing you sometimes have to bear in mind at times when you do what I do. I have just recently sold a VB 4 publishing suite licence over on the DP forums and am now looking for a Xen Foro License which I will either post a thread wanting to buy or reply to a wanting to sell thread sometime soon after getting a feel for things over here. Thanks to Dan fo

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