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  1. Selling my IPB, i have Forums, Blogs, Downloads, Gallery and Content (In IPB4 Content is known as Pages). Expire data is 20 June 2015 I have made a ticket if the license can be transferred legally i will update this post when i have a official answer. I think there is no issue because i bought this license myself. The price is fixed at 250 dollars excluding transfer fees and/or renewal fees, because i am busy at the moment i will not answer or just say no to any posts/PM's that offers less then 250 dollars. Payment by PayPal. p.s. I will always investigate people i do business wit
  2. I have one person that wants the license atm he is waiting conformation of vBulletin.
  3. Sorry that it toke so long i have/had the flu. The transfer fee is 45 dollars.
  4. I have one vBulletin 3 license for sale the highest download is 3.8.7 patch level 3. The license is 50 dollars and is fixed i will not go lower then this. You can PM me for the key to check if the license is valid and can be transferred. Please note that you need to pay vBulletin a transfer fee some people forget this.
  5. If you have questions just PM me and i will try to answer them and as fast as i can.
  6. vBulletin 4 is soled. I only have 2 vBulletin 3 licenses. vBulletin 3, you can use up to version 3.8.7 PL3, you can also download lower versions then 3.8.7. Price 50 dollars. vBulletin 3, you can use up to version 3.8.7 PL3, you can also download lower versions then 3.8.7. Price 50 dollars. You can get both at 70 dollars the 70 dollars is a fixed price.
  7. I dont have Skype available please contact me trough PM but at the moment people are in front of you.
  8. At the moment i am busy selling one vBulletin 3 license, will contact people for the 2 other licenses in order of PM's.

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