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  1. This license is still for sale, (vbulletin forum only license).
  2. EU means European Union, not all of Europe or EFTA.
  3. @@Dan , You can make some custom fields in the profile, where users can add links to the profiles they have on other forums. However, their profiles on other forums should be verified somehow and after that, the fields should not be editable by user. Just a thought
  4. I've posted an xF license for sale on digitalPoint and someone PMed me there to buy the license and after a few messages he gave me a link to a thread here to another xF license for sale trying to negotiate my price so, this is how i've found this forum
  5. Just an update. I opened a ticket with vBulletin and asked about the transfer fee and they told me that if i transfer it to someone within the EU, there will be a $45 transfer fee. If you live outside of EU, the transfer is free.
  6. 1. What are you selling, buying or wanting to trade vBulletin 4 Forum License 2. When does it expire? Never 3. Is it able to be legally transferred? Yes. 4. Any Screenshots? See below. 5. How much are you selling for. $100. Transfer fees (if any) will be covered by the buyer.
  7. This quotes are from the reply to the support ticket i've opened with xenForo, asking them how a transfer is done, so i'll just have to give the info of the new owner and then wait until they contact him for confirmation. Anyway, i can take screenshots of the conversation i'll have with xF staff and additionally i can give the links to my profile on digitalpoint and v7n so i can be contacted everywhere until the license is transferred.
  8. Hi Taim, xenForo does not allow the transfer of a license if the update/support is expired so, i had to renew it in order to sell it. Now, seeing xF licenses that have a few months left of updates being sold for $80, i believe it is a fair deal to sell this for $90, don't you?
  9. The final price is $90 as it was just updated.
  10. 1. What are you selling, buying or wanting to trade? xenForo License. 2. When does it expire? Dec 19, 2014. 3. Is it able to be legally transferred? Yes. 4. Any Screenshots? Yes, see below. 5. How much are you selling for? $100 since it is practically new having 1 year of updates left.

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