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  1. So in my last thread where I wanted to buy a vB license I was scammed, now I wanna trade instead. (For those of you who saw my last thread and wanna know the outcome, I found the scammers phonenumber after a little research and now I'm calling him from time to time, day and night. He sounds so angry though.) So here's what I want: I have a XenForo license but would rather go with vBulletin, so I wanna trade it. However, my license can't be transferred which means that your license does'nt have to be either. We can just trade logins. 100% scamsecure since both of us can take our accounts ba
  2. Why did you bann him before I had a chance to reply? How should I now contact him? I just contacted Neteller, and ofcourse the money has been successfully sent to him. And for everyone else ever thinking about paying with Neteller: DON'T DO IT! I've talked to their "customer support" for half an hour now, they don't do ANYTHING to help you if you get scammed. The only answer I got is: "You choosed to transfer the money buy yourself, the only way to get your money back is if the user give you back your money." They don't do shit, and I asked them how they can say to people that they h
  3. Cant edit my old post, so here's an update: He actually did send me what seems to be a working license for vBulletin, so I'm really confused now. Mr Fred Lapoint: I have NOT requested any refunds or made ANY chargebacks of any money, Neteller can confirm that if we contact them. I can't understand where you're getting it from, so I'm asking you to give me proof or anything where it says that I took my money back. If you can't do it, stop accusing me and transfer the license which I've paid for to me. vBulletin support is also contacted. Proof of my payment:
  4. So, guess we've found a scammer here. I've received a mail from Fred Lapoint, he's telling me that I have requested a chargeback for the payment I sent to him for the vBulletin license. That's complete bullshit and I'll contact Neteller so they can confirm that I have'nt requested anything. He is obviously trying to scam me, so I will post our entire conversation in this thread today. If I don't get my money back from him, I will take legal actions against him. It's so frustrating though, been through all this before and even though I will get my money back it took me 7 months last time...b
  5. Ok, at least it's a couple of hours left then. Thanks.
  6. Hm, paid Fred Lapoint yesterday and he told me that he had contact vBulletin to begin a transfer. Still have'nt heard from vBulletin and Fred Lapoint does'nt answer on my pm here or on email. He could ofcourse be busy working or w/e, but how long does it usually take for vBulletin to start a license transfer?
  7. Sorry for the confusion, check pm instead.
  8. Ok, lets make a deal. I can pay you now, provided that you contact vBulletin as soon as you get the payment to start the transfer.
  9. Alright. Never used neteller but I'll check it out. I looked at your screenshot and it looks good. Let me get back to you in a couple of minutes.
  10. Ok, could you please provide a screenshot of your customer area so I can see what your account have? And, if it's ok with you, I would like it to be transferred just to be safe from problems in the future. Although I don't have an account with vBulletin and I can't find where to register. Gah, I've used XenForo until now so vb is kinda new to me. Is there no way we can use paypal?
  11. Version? Is it transferrable? Is there any transferring fees? Thank you for your fast reply.
  12. Hi, I need to buy a vBulletin 4.x license, let me know what you have and price. Also if there's any transferring fees. I don't care about active updates etc, as long as it's a valid license which is downloadable Im happy. I live in EU and paying with Paypal. Please don't PM, keep it to this thread. (I have both Flippa and Digitalpoint accounts with 100% positive feedbacks)
  13. Still looking, I will pay as soon as you provided me proof so if you wanna make a deal fast, contact me asap!
  14. I would like to buy a XF license with updates until at least april 2014. Please provide validation token and domain so I can check it, or I wont be interested. I can pay $80 with paypal right now. Contact me asap if you wanna sell

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