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  1. Still looking for more IPB Licenses. PM me your offers :-)
  2. Hey, thanks for contacting me but a little bit above what I can afford. In the last 2 weeks I have lost out on $120 and $175 with transactions on here :-(

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      sent you a pm.

  3. Thank you for watching over this, I appreciate it. My aim now is to find someone called Chris Mink with a paypal account so I can give him $45 to renew and transfer the license. At least then I would have something to work with.
  4. This was not a lifetime license. Paid $120 for an expired regular license. The seller will not refund the money. Taking into account that at the moment this is completely useless to me, I even asked if I could pay him an extra $45 to renew and transfer the domain as it is in his name and the URL is filled, but heard nothing back. Completely disgusted with this transaction. And yes, I sent the paypal payment as a friend to save him the charges, what a mug I am :-(
  5. Make sure and read the above link before purchasing from this guy! I got completely scammed :-(
  6. Make sure and read the above link before purchasing from this guy! I got completely scammed :-(
  7. Unfortunately it looks like I have been left high and dry here. The regular license (yes, it is not a lifetime) is locked to a Chris Mink and the URL is filled. Anyone called Chris Mink on here? lol
  8. Thank you for a very simple transaction. Pleasure dealing with you.
  9. http://extralicense.com/threads/looking-for-some-advice-on-a-purchase-made-on-here.2235/
  10. http://extralicense.com/threads/looking-for-some-advice-on-a-purchase-made-on-here.2235/
  11. Hi Guys, A few days ago I made a purchase of an IPB Lifetime license from Frogger on this forum. He informed me that it was a 'lifetime license' as seen below. Note that he also confirms lifetime licenses cannot be transferred. Once the transaction went through I figured something was not right as a lifetime license should still give you access to support. So I contacted support and this is what they sent back. So by all accounts my suspicions about this not been a lifetime license are validated in the fact that it was indeed transferred back in November. The seller has
  12. Looking to purchase IPB license. Must be transferable.

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