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  1. The license number and some proofs sent to Alireza and Dan. so you can be sure that this license is legal i want to sell it $92 ASAP . payment Via paypal and Webmoney.
  2. yes that is 4.X.X version so you can install any version of 3.X.X or 4.X.X
  3. the final price is $99 friends the license is transferable alireza i will send you a pm
  4. hello i have a license http://extralicense.com/threads/vbulletin-4-publishing-suite-or-vb-3.2042/
  5. hello my freind do you still have license i need screen shot please let me know

    1. amin m

      amin m

      yes it is on table yet! :p

  6. sure my friend paypal is ok yes i am license owner
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