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  1. Looking for a Transferable Xenforo Licence with Media Gall and Resource manager ( must have those to addons not interested in anything else ), must have at least 4 months remaining until expiry. PM prices expiry, validation and current domain registered ( so i can confirm its a valid licence via : License Validation API | XenForo )
  2. No thanks, I only buy transferable Licences. Good luck with the sale
  3. Is it transferable ? when does it expire ? Ill take it if there is at least a couple of months left and is transferable.
  4. Thanks for the quick sale Hectic, All completed and feedback left
  5. No not at this time, its highly likely i wont even use the one above. Will be used for development purpose not a live board.
  6. Ive held some of these for years, originally purchased for tight niches for plans of a forum network but other projects took priority. Not looking to off load them cheap but will consider reasonable $xxx per domain or decent offer for bulk sale. archaeologyforums.com asylumforum.com birdsforums.com blackhatsforum.com boredforum.com boysforums.com carersforum.com carpentryforum.com collegesforum.com defenseforums.com dietsforum.com disneyforums.com flyfishforums.com forzaforum.co.uk gemologyforum.com girlieforums.com herbsforum.com icehockeyforums.com ipbtemplates.com j
  7. Ill give you $75 if you need a quick sale. I don't need the licence but could do with another demo board so will take it at a low price.
  8. One purchased today , still looking for more.

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