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  1. Are you the first owner of this license and are the 45$ transfer costs in this125$ included? Can i get the license number so i can check this with vB.com?
  2. Yeah it sound that way but to ask for the license number is a way to protect the buyer also..now these days you can't trust anyone lol.
  3. Everyone will ask for your license number...why to verify if the license your selling is not nulled or illegal! Customer number and license number are 2 different things...so never show customer number in a screenshot etc... Also you don't need to give your email address unless you want to sell your license private and not on the forum!
  4. Those screensshots prove nothing i need the license number....and 65$ is a fair price especially for vB 4 forum, i bought 2 licenses here before one for 70$ and one for 60$! But it's up to you m8...good luck!
  5. Can i have your: - License number - Name and email address on that account So that i can contact vB myself....if they confirm then i can offer you 65$ via Paypal!
  6. haloo mega mendung

    1. Mega


      I don't understand...can you please translate it to English!

  7. Interesting but since vBSEO is offline and dead it will for sure trow a crapload of errors!
  8. So your saying you have a vBulletin license for 3>4 and 5 and you selling all this for 99$? Well this would be a good deal especially the vB 5 part lol.
  9. Is it able to be legally transferred?....i want to know this with screenshot and do you take $50?
  10. That's up to you my friend...and yes i am still interested.

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