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  1. hassen10


    :O I can imagine that... Just buying a box and giving it to your kid... :O
  2. hassen10

    Coke Or Pepsi?

    I don't pick one over the other... I just drink either one I like them both!
  3. I hope you have a amazing Easter also! I hope you all have a amazing Easter!
  4. For me I only have one phone and it is a Iphone 4 I like it a whole bunch!
  5. Well for me it is not that particular I just watch any movie people say that it is good. I either like it or I don't... But I am not that particular.
  6. Well I heard of those but a lot of people said don't use it it is extremely bad... So not that sure...
  7. Well I say that I would chose adsense. I say that because you don't have to deal with finding people who wants to put ads on your site.
  8. I don't think it is obsolete I just think it is deteriorating...
  9. Hey John! Hope you are having a amazing time so far here at EL!
  10. Welcome TheSilentKid! Hope you will love being here in EL!
  11. hassen10


    Glad you decided to become a member here! Hope you are here to stay!
  12. hassen10

    Hey Guys :d

    Welcome Mikey! Hope this is the place that you will love to enjoy! Hope you are doing well so far and having a great time!
  13. Hey Jono! Hope you are having a great time so far here!
  14. hassen10


    Welcome! I hope you like it here!
  15. You guys may know me from other places. I am from many many different sites. How I love it here and you guys enjoy me being here! So how long have you guys been on this site? I am: The Superior Enforcer My bio is: A man with convictions finds an answer for everything. Convictions are the best form of protection against the living truth. My signature is: Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. A little learning is a dangerous thing.
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