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  1. :O I can imagine that... Just buying a box and giving it to your kid... :O
  2. I don't pick one over the other... I just drink either one I like them both!
  3. I hope you have a amazing Easter also! I hope you all have a amazing Easter!
  4. For me I only have one phone and it is a Iphone 4 I like it a whole bunch!
  5. Well for me it is not that particular I just watch any movie people say that it is good. I either like it or I don't... But I am not that particular.
  6. Well I heard of those but a lot of people said don't use it it is extremely bad... So not that sure...
  7. Well I say that I would chose adsense. I say that because you don't have to deal with finding people who wants to put ads on your site.
  8. I don't think it is obsolete I just think it is deteriorating...
  9. Hey John! Hope you are having a amazing time so far here at EL!
  10. Welcome TheSilentKid! Hope you will love being here in EL!
  11. hassen10


    Glad you decided to become a member here! Hope you are here to stay!
  12. Welcome Mikey! Hope this is the place that you will love to enjoy! Hope you are doing well so far and having a great time!
  13. Hey Jono! Hope you are having a great time so far here!
  14. hassen10


    Welcome! I hope you like it here!
  15. You guys may know me from other places. I am from many many different sites. How I love it here and you guys enjoy me being here! So how long have you guys been on this site? I am: The Superior Enforcer My bio is: A man with convictions finds an answer for everything. Convictions are the best form of protection against the living truth. My signature is: Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. A little learning is a dangerous thing.

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