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  1. Ramkumar posted a new classified: [plain]Blesta out, Whmcs in - Looking for Trade[/plain] Having Blesta unbranded license Read more about the classified...
  2. i want one whmcs license. please tell me your price (or) exchange with lifetime nobranded blesta license. PM me
  3. Hello, I'm selling ad spaces on my classified website (krreddy.com). If you are looking best ad space, i recommend to proceed because good PR + Alexa will give good link juice for your website / forum. Page Rank: 2 Alexa Rank: 81,513 Worldwide. Google Analytic's verified traffic: 33,570 / month 468*60 ( Nearby Logo - All Pages) Price: $30 / month 768*90 ( Below search bar - All Pages) Price: $40 / month 125 * 125 (Home page sidebar) Price: $15 / month 300*250 (Home page sidebar) Price: $25 / Month 768*90 ( Footer - All page) Price: $30 / month 125 *
  4. Hello, I'm selling my two domains here. Huge Potential if it is developed in right way. Note: please don't use domain name in thread.thanks. Domain 1: WebDesignerForums(.)net Domain 2: PaidTemplates(.)com Please PM your offer prices, if you are interested. Only Serious Buyer, Please. You can also contact me via skype Thank you.
  5. Contact seller and get refund or contact support.
  6. Sorry for late reply(i was so much busy). so far i received offers upto $350 but i deny it because this name is really worth more than that. Thanks
  7. @pj. that price is from huge domains. my domain price is open to offer. just spell the name and what's the price in your mind? PM me.if its really fit with me,I will sell it away
  8. Hi, I'm selling one of my Blesta License, Directly got from Blesta.(i keep one for me ) It's really awesome and keep growing faster than others.i like their support and code. Support and Updates free upto Nov 12, 2014(almost 1 year). Price: $175 Payment: Paypal. Verified by Blesta Team(Paul). Please check attached screenshot or http://tinypic.com/r/307w1dv/5. i'm posting this in several forums because buyer must enjoy 1 year free support and update.so obviously it's quick sale. Let me know if you have any doubts?
  9. Hi, I'm selling my domain WorldClassHost dot com. (similar domain World Class Hosting dot com is in sale for $1995 on Huge Domains) .com TLD Rank: 499,345 Alexa Rank: 7,319,062 Approximate ADS revenue/month: $3.48 (Expected) PM your price if you like it

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