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  1. Appthemes developer license for sale give me offers :)

  2. Just give me offers above USD 200 and I will consider it. Just changing priority now.
  3. willing to have a teamviewer session to prove the validity of the license.
  4. You transfer 250 to my paypal account. Please send money as service so that you wont incur paypal fees. then i will change the email id of my account. to your designated email id.
  5. hi, this is the last price. I'm actually having second thought of selling this. imagine current and future release of all app themes are included in the license.
  6. Im selling a license with importante plugins :)

  7. Please close these thread. License has been transferred successfully. Once again thanks to extralicense and @m6aa6
  8. he agreed ti sell to me. this is just to inform you guys. dont want to happen double selling again like the guy selling with brandable xenforo

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