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  1. I use both so I chose other. My Mac is out of commission for now, have to get a few parts for it and before anyone asks yes I know how to repair Mac's. Otherwise my Mac would be my coding laptop and my PC for gaming/streaming. Unfortunately, my PC is coding and gaming/streaming which I just built a new PC so I can handle more games for my live stream. Overall Mac has a learning curve which is true but if your tech savvy you get passed that curve within a month or less. PC's can get bogged down but with my new setup I went with an SSD boot drive which has kept my PC from starting slow and
  2. Steve Moore posted a new classified: [plain]IP.Board Plus More for XenForo License[/plain] Wanting to trade IP.Board license for XenForo license. Read more about the classified...
  3. You still in the St Louis area?

    1. Dan


      Yes sir.

    2. Steve Moore

      Steve Moore

      I now live in Festus, moved away from Ste Gen about a year ago. Got tired of the quiet and driving for half an hour one way to go to the store.

    3. Dan


      Not to far at all ;)

  4. Best part of all is that Jeremy sent me a PM on XenForo stating the reason was advertising not what he stated above. Anyway, I'm done with my rant, figured he would register just to post but I feel better now.
  5. No we're not, by me having access to his test board then that does not breach any license agreement as long as the board is password protected. So registering here just for that purpose was a waste of time.
  6. I was posting a link to my new site and what is going on with my XenForo mods on my profile. Jeremy called it advertising and removed it so this time I just put up my link and left out the stuff about my mods. They removed my access to update my status or personal details.
  7. I suggest lowering the price to $80 since the license expires in 1 week.
  8. Love how I had my privileges to edit my homepage, post a status, or edit my signature was revoked for being unlicensed and letting those who follow me on XenForo know my new site. So what if I'm unlicensed, it is my profile where I have followers. I'm curious to know if anyone thinks they were in the right or if I should be allowed to do what I want on my own profile page on XenForo. I for one think claiming it is advertising is false and it is always Jeremy that sends me PMs like he is the only one that is a moderator. Over reach of power, possibly, am I paranoid, possibly, do I care so
  9. I'm with Rackspace. I pay $29.20 a month for cloud vps hosting. Plus the cost of my cPanel license which is $14.95, plus my additional IP for SSL which is $2.00, plus my Softaculous license of $1.50. Total I pay $47.65. Be purchasing another vps for a new project some time in May of 2014 which then will go up to $95.30
  10. If this has not sold come January 31st, PM me here and I'll pay the current price. Prices I will pay is $175 and $200 so if you have to drop the price but I'll pay the $200 January 31st.
  11. Just a suggestion, maybe drop the price to $90 since the buyer pays the transfer fee. The reason I suggest this is because someone pays $110 to you then $20 to transfer, only $45 more and they get a brand new license for $175.
  12. Completed as I purchased brand new with move to IPS promotion.

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