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  1. After reading the information, this would need to be on a dedicated server or hella vps. Is that correct?
  2. I have another legal transferrable license for IPB. This on is not a lifetime license. No offers below $125.00 US dollars.
  3. I am selling a legal transferrable license for xenForo. please note, this is not transferable until the 29th of Jan 2014. But I am posting the ad now to get offers. Thank you
  4. TODAY ONLY: I will sell the lifetime license for $120.00 FIRM or trade for Easy Banner Pro.
  5. I have a xenForo license, I have never used, I purchased it new. However it is not transferrable yet. But if you are interested, you could just take it over. I can get you a screenshot of the license., if you would like.

  6. I am not really wanting money, I would rather just do a trade for Easy Banner Pro software, which cost is only $100.00 anyways...
  7. So basically what I am saying, this is a LIFETIME license. But you will not be able to download the patch update to 4.0 when released, reason being. Lifetime license's are no longer offered. But if you can obtain the patch update some other way, the lifetime license # will always be a legal license, and you will not have to paid the 6 month update fees, etc etc.
  8. So long as you do not change the license it will remain lifetime, however if you upgrade it to the 4.0 license, you will lose it. If you can download the 4.0 update from someone else, you can use this legal license on 4.0. Are you following me. Because it is a lifetime license, in which it will work fully on 4.0, BUT you will not be able to down load the patch update from IPS to 4.0, because a lifetime license is not upgradeable to 4.0...Make sense?
  9. You can WHEN 4.0 comes out, pay IPS to upgrade the account to the current version.
  10. The license doesn't need to be renewed, if you renew it you will lose the lifetime license. This account can only be taken over by the purchaser. You can change the account details to what ever you want. It is a lifetime, which means you do not ever have to renew the license.
  11. I would consider a trade for this... Easy Banner Pro (banner exchange site)

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