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  1. own new licens cost 170-180 $ if u count VAT in it GL with dat i am not gonna lower my prices.
  2. yes geebee i can transfer it. also there is a reason why i want more cus it cost 175dollar buying it brand new cus of VAT and paypal transaction fee so its not cheap buy a licens from Xenforo. for me i can keep this licens if i want to. i am not a ALDI or netto who sell it cheap i want a resonable price for the licens i feel is worth selling.
  3. got one with 6-7month support left price 90-100 $ transferable is avaialble to. wont go down in fee sorry. minimum 90 $ you also get 1 Addon with it (Best answer thread price 10dollar.)
  4. Got xenforo license for sale got around 7month support left Selling it for 110 $ License is transfable you get 1 Xenforo Addon included cost 10 dollar. without addon its 100dollar
  5. how should we do this if u wanna sell it if its trransfable we need to involve Xenforo support.

  6. i would buy it for 90dollar but i need to be sure its transfable and trusted and we could ofc talk over Skype or what else u have.
  7. i just need to be sure ur not scamming me thats why i ment this way by transfer and stuff.
  8. if it got Transferable and ur a trusted guy bla.bla sure why not but it must be transferable to my account and have few month left support.
  9. i bid 95 dollar for this if its trusted and transferable.
  10. Metro posted a new classified: [plain]Want to buy Xenforo licens.[/plain] Buy Xenforo via Paypal Read more about the classified...
  11. Metro posted a new classified: [plain]Want to buy a Xenforo Licens (with some support left.)[/plain] Buy Xenforo via Paypal Read more about the classified...
  12. i accept it but i cant transfer u since it cost me 45 $ sorry i am from Denmark EU new rules meens EU citizen have to 45 $ for transfer

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