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  1. I am interested aswell, do you know what the transfer fee is?
  2. If this can be confirmed as a legit license im interested
  3. Could you perhaps ask them what they define as EU? Seeing as some define EU as all european countries, only members of European Union or members of EFTA?
  4. I might be interested in this, please contact me on skype. Scones91
  5. Im interested in this, not 100% sure when i will have the cash for it tho. Sending you a PM with my skype.
  6. I am VERY interested in this! Contact me on skype: scones91
  7. How much would you take for only one regular license?
  8. Got a better deal from another member. Might still be interested in this aswell.
  9. I'm interested in buying several IPB Licenses for my company. If you got one, please make an offer and i will consider it and either accept it or come with a counter offer. Anything from $110 and below is of great interest.
  10. IPS Have added the option to transfer licenses in the client area.

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