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  1. license sold to Arboristsite sorry to everyone who tried to send money to typo email paypal
  2. to anyone who sent money i gave you the wrong email theres a typo i am so sorry. is that even a real email address? contact me asap.
  3. i should probably start exposing all the conartists who are sending me pms saying theyll pay me soon then telling me to transfer the account while never actually paying me. currently talking to innovation3 about the sale now. i do not find this funny
  4. just got back from a trip waiting on a response from innovation. trade now if anyone ready to. may be out again soon doing some things. again, one guy wanted to transfer first. Decided not to do that. The other 2 did not pay.
  5. as soon as i receive payment its yours. i was offered payment first by 2 other people. you offered transfer first then payment. the first guy didnt pay. a second guy came didnt pay. then you came telling me to transfer it before pay lol. this is why theres been delays.
  6. he said he was paying soon he hasnt logged on since yet.
  7. checked paypal. only 60 something was sent. i just checked pm and saw you asked for lower price at the end of a statement. ill refund this. phone didnt show that price drop at the end.
  8. Hey, guys. I have one Xenforo License for sale that expires some time next year and is past 120 days so it is now transferable. I'm looking for i guess 90 dollars. Has Resource Manager a 60 dollar value as well.

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