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  1. Called Paypal today. Basicly some monkeys at work without brain. So they claim if i can't deliver a tracking number they will refund the money (already done).I explained its a software license which is not possible to be sent via a courier service.They basicly don't care. My guess is its because of the new protection terms of paypal for digital goods.It only covers buyers but not sellers. https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/merchant-intangibles-update Since it was my last license from vbulletin i will leave that board as i have nothing to sell anymore. Thanks to all the previous buye
  2. Ok it seems i got scammed out of one of my licenses. Licenses have been transfered and i got a reply from Josha that he feels sorry but can't transfer the license back. Paypal is also not looking good.Got today a message asking for tracking number even they know its a software and even i sent screenshots of my account and vbulletin tickets. Am going to call them tomorrow asking if they are stupid bastards asking for a tracking number of a package service for a software. I guessed already there will be some issues because of the new intengible protection which only protects the buyer but
  3. @PAYPAL PLEASE NOTICE HOW KATTY DELETED ALL HER FALSE POSTS AND ADDED NOW LINKS TO AUTHORITY. Katty why did you deleted all your false claims like i scammed 20 people here on this forum using the same paypal account ? Why not showing paypal all your poor claims like you talked with paypal and they told you i should refund the money.....
  4. Did you guys realised that Katty deleted all her flase claims against me which can be checked if its true ? She deleted the claim the license can be only sold in europe since its a european license and also deleted the post thats its an international license and thats why it can be only sold once. Deleting all evidences Katty it was to late.I already took all evidences via archive it
  5. Its getting annoying. I'm out of the thread till you show me somebody who i scammed in the past or till i get my licenses back or your full details. Else i will wait for paypal's decission.
  6. keep defaming......like i said i'm waiting for your full details.In the meanwhile i will wait for paypal's decission. Who did i scammed according to him ? I don't see a single member writing here that i scammed him.Would be best opportunity ......Where are the 20 people which according to you have been scammed by me ?I can't see them
  7. I'm waiting for your full details.Let's see if i have no money to open a case for public defaming. It surely will be profitable for me.
  8. Your cacao export doesn't exist anymore......so why waiting ? Please add your full details so i can forward it to my lawyer for public defaming.
  9. Why you play vitctim ? You opened the dispute at the exect same hour the licenses have been taken out of my account. You claimed at the beginning its a european account and can be only sold inside europe. Later you claimed its not a european license and can only be sold once. My account is registered in europe and everyone can check here i always only sold european accounts. I checked the data i had from you and it seems you are hiding a lot behind whois services. Lot of companies which doesn't exist like kakao trading Also your writing seems like a mix of india and german.
  10. The only way i will refund you the money is when my licenses get back to my account.
  11. Pleaso do so.You will be required to provide full name and adress. Would love to see that happening.You will see how quickly you will have a court case for public defamation and blackmailing. Please send them all proof of all your public statements like that i scammed 20 people which you can proof with their contact details and amounts.
  12. Yes you will be able to proof all your claims.Please add your real information so i can open a lawsuite against you for defamtion and blackmailing. Don't forget to add contacts of people i scammed according to you
  13. Yeah i guess thats why your funds are still in the paypal account you sent it to because its a smart move to do so as scammer /irony off

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