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  1. I would like to off-load this somewhat quickly, so I'm willing to let it go for $95.
  2. Hello all, Due to my reduced interest in starting forums, I have decided to sell my software licenses. I have one remaining active IPB license. Support/updates expire on June 6th of this year, at which point you may choose to renew $25 to get future updates, or let it expire until you need to update. You can still run a board on an expired license, you just can't get support or updates, from what I remember (it's been a while). I realize I have very little credibility on this website, however, I am a former staff member of The Admin Zone, and you can find me by the same username over the
  3. Looking to sell this fast. Please contact if interested.
  4. I need to sell this active XenForo license quickly. It is active until January 20, 2014 and able to be legally transferred as it is over 120 days old and I'm the first and only owner. I'm asking $80 USD. Here is a screenshot for extra verification: