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  1. Well they are new ones mate. I know Vbulletin did fix quite a few vulnerabilities in 4.2.2 but give its record I wont trust it. Nothing against VB but I found these issue when I was considering moving to VB, so currently waiting for someone to post a 5X license. And the trend has been bad for VB most customers especially smaller ones are going to XF.
  2. Well if you did not know a few still do exist. I can confirm one XSS as I and my friend were the one to find it and report it on XDA. Ubuntu got hacked, XDA hacked most VB 4.XX forums are facing the heat. Its better to go VB5.
  3. I will pay 85$ for the license but you need to transfer it to me. If agreed please tell me.
  4. Invision has discontinued lifetime licenses but honors existing license holders. You do not get IPS Spam monitor and other extras in your lifetime license.
  5. Have any of you guys used or are using Woltlab burning board especially version 4 of it? How has it been?
  6. Is VB worth spending 120$? Especially as VB 4 has quite a few unpatched vulnerability. I would pay about 90$ for the community suite, whole thing blog and forum and pay about 60$ for forum with forumrunner.
  7. 1- Is this account legally transferable by IPB norms? Ie is it 6 months old? 2- I will do it for 75$ if you are paying the transfer fee, I already have one more guy selling his IPB at 60CAD.
  8. I have a xenForo license, I have never used, I purchased it new. However it is not transferrable yet. But if you are interested, you could just take it over. I can get you a screenshot of the license., if you would like.

  9. I am looking to buy a Xenforo License. I want the license legally transferable. Looking for offers between 60-90$.
  10. So you Dan your offering to be a middle man in wire transfer? Actually I dont mind getting a VB5 license myself but there have been a lot of VB scammers doing the rounds, so even I wanted someone in the middle. One of the guys actually pmmed and provided no license proof and asked me to pay 50$.
  11. Yeah, most will only do paypal as it is safe and we can do a charge back if anything goes awry. You have not replied to my messages Jordan.
  12. So if I need to pay to get the next version how is this lifetime? Its just lifetime for the current version. I can offer 100$ for this then.
  13. Can it be upgraded to newer versions? But I do not want to spend 275$, although it is worth it, IPB clearly states it does not honour licenses in which account has been taken over. So its a big risk here.

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