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  1. Clip Share Pro 4.1 Youtube Clone Site and Youtube Video Grabber Plugin and addons, latest versions never been used. Selling whole account so no legal issues. License for a single domain, now not associated with any domain. Normally $551, now on summer special $350 soon to go back to $551. Ready for quick sale 50% off at $175. PM me if interested.
  2. Licenses and modules sold within 24 hours! This is a fantastic site! Compliments to the web masters, administrators, moderators and rest of the crew!
  3. Dan

    Thanks for the donation!! Very much appreciated.

  4. Correction: Sorry... after recounting plugins are 42 rather than 27, however price remains the same.
  5. Originally purchased for a client's project which eventually took another turn and never went online. Whole account is for sale, so no license transfer complications or legal issues. You simply get login details and it's yours. Two Boonex Dolphin Licenses and all the hottest plugins including Supernova and FaceB templates. Total worth $2089 You Pay $499 Payment via Paypal so no safety concerns. If you don't get what you paid for, Paypal refunds you. PM me if you are seriously interested for proof of account ownership and plugins details. Price offer stands through September 15th, 2013. After that I reserve the right to withdraw or re-evaluate price upwards as need for cash will no more be urgent.
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