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  1. Bought vB5 license of him, transaction was done smoothly and legit. Thanks!
  2. Jason Ravor posted a new classified: [plain]vBulletin 5 License[/plain] Want to trade for vb! Read more about the classified...
  3. Jason Ravor posted a new classified: [plain]IPS Community Suite (+ IP.Downloads) (TRADE POSSIBLE)[/plain] Includes the latest IPS versions and very cheap! Read more about the classified...
  4. I didn't know i was paying 44.95 for support and updates. I thought i needed to pay just 250 but the total said 300, so i just paid it. I guess 250 for license and 45 usd for support and updates
  5. Well then you both should leave this thread, my license isn't even 2 months old and i wont go lower than $200 usd.
  6. Yeah, I figured price was high, new price: $200 USD Also, I've received the ticket from them, and my license is NOT eligble for transfer, reason: My license isn't older than 90 days, so after you buy it you need to wait the remaining days and you can request an transfer directly on WHCMS.
  7. I have contacted support for the proof and i will update this thread with a screenshot once i receive the proof. Please read the first post and you'll see that i said the support & updates will expire: 6th may but the license is lifetime. Also, have you tried ordering? You'd have to pay 300 usd and mine is just for 260.

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